“Americaa’s Next Top Rapper”

Posted on May 29, 2011


[Hello World! Today i finally got smarter and created a word press blog.  Duh! What the hell was I waiting for? This is my first blog thus far.  In this blog, I will discuss the ins and outs of the entertainment biz.  There is so many things you guys think you know but< have no idea about. 

I am going show you guys what goes on “Behind the Grind”.. well, me and the team are working on something potentially HUGE! and historic.  The show will be Titled ” Americaa’s Next Top Rapper” …the competition will provide the following for the winner. 

  • Global Exposure / Marketing & Promotions
  • $10,000 in Cash
  • A Single Distributed by Universal
  • An endorsment deal from a clothing company
  • Celebrity Publicist
  • Booking Agent 

The event will be produced and controlled by the prospective promoters from each market/state.  The qualifications will be broad cast live over the web via our site www.omnimedialive.com and embedded by way of code upon social network sites and affiliate sites.

Contestants who survive the qualification before the judges of the event will move on from the reginals to nationals.  Prior to surviving the reginals, all expenses (i.e., food, travel, hotels and clothing) must be paid for by the contestant. 

Upon entering the Nationals, all expenses will be cover (i.e., paid for) by the competition. 

To register for this event please log on to http://www.omnimedialive.com click contact us and send us (2) high res photos and all contact info.  Registration to become www.AmericaasNextTopRapper.com will be $200.00 paid on the site www.OmniMediaLive.com, please click the paypal logo.


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